Changing Transfusion Practice

Dr Catherine Hurn

The practice of transfusion in the critically bleeding patient continues to evolve. The balanced ratio-based approach is now being challenged by the emergence of ROTEM and TEG driving the provision of goal directed transfusion. The evidence for this change is developing but further studies are required to clarify best practice. However transfusion is a domain where practice change frequently precedes the evidence. Introducing any change in practice presents its own problems. How can we best drive change in clinicians practicing the art of transfusion?
This presentation reviews the changing practice of haemostatic resuscitation in a large tertiary teaching hospital and the challenges that have been encountered with the introduction of unfamiliar technologies and new guidelines.

Conference Committee

Dr Brian Doyle
Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)

Bess Swinton & Ryan Posselt
Paramedics Australasia (PA)

Michael Browne
College of Emergency Nursing Australasia (CENA)

Important Dates

Early Bird - June 2018
Conference - 10 - 12 August 2018


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